What to wear these days

As we can see, some days it is a freezing weather, others it is hot, so what are the perfect clothes to wear?

Specially in these rainy days it is recommendable to wear boots specialized for rain, like Hunter boots, there are in different colours and sizes so you can choose the best one for you http://usa.hunter-boot.com/shop/womens/footwear/original-rubber

It also necessary to wear a rain coat, which is somehow warm so that you do not have cold , but if you prefer you can wear a trench coat and under it a pull.  http://es.burberry.com/trench-coat-largo-de-corte-ajustado-en-algodon-de-gabardina-con-interior-acolchado-p38970501 , http://www.ralphlauren.fr/product/index.jsp?productId=14998661&cp=4663491.4668871.4665191&ab=ln_women_apparel_sweaters . You can check in these links the trench coat and the coat.

We do not have to forget that the jeans or the trousers are also an important item of the look.http://www.ralphlauren.fr/product/index.jsp?productId=14997991&cp=4663491.4668871.4665231&ab=ln_women_apparel_jeans , check out the website and see the selected jeans

To end with the look, we have to choose a mxi bag and an umbrella. Here you can see the selected Michael Kors bag http://www.michaelkors.com/p/MICHAEL-Michael-Kors-MICHAEL-Michael-Kors-Large-Uptown-Astor-Shoulder-Bag-SHOULDER-BAGS/prod22450048_cat8518_cat8501_/?index=5&isEditorial=false&cmCat=cat000000cat8501cat8518 and finally the umbrella http://shop.tous.com/es-es/item/kaos-new-295990014/?t_type=src&t_type=catImagen

PD: This post has been done with the colaboration of azrblog 


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